Extraordinary water for extraordinary Springboks! It is an absolute honour for THIRSTI to align our brand with the extraordinary and iconic Springboks and to serve mother nature’s best to these world champions for the next three years. We are behind our THIRSTI #WATERBOKS all the way!

THE Sharks

THIRSTI is the Official Hydration Partner to Sharks Rugby. Like THIRSTI, The Sharks brand is dynamic, and committed to empowering people to be the best version of themselves. Both THIRSTI and the Sharks value community, hard work and peak performance. What a powerful partnership!


The Blue Bulls Company are a top-class outfit who deliver with every ounce of their energy both on and off the field. We are proud to keep them hydrated with our extraordinary Natural Spring Water and ISOFIT+ Sports Drink products!

Comrades Marathon

THIRSTI is the proud Hydration Partner to the Comrades Marathon! The Comrades Marathon is an event of global repute that inspires thousands of people worldwide. It is known as the “Ultimate Human Race,” which is why its runners need Ultimate Hydration from THIRSTI!

ABSA Cape EpiC

THIRSTI is the Official Water Sponsor of the Absa Cape Epic. The Race That Measures All requires riders to overcome the challenges of some of Africa’s most picturesque, yet demanding locations. Both the Absa Cape Epic and THIRSTI have unique, proudly South African brand stories that originate from humble beginnings and are centred on offering a premium product and experiences.

The Nedbank Running Club

THIRSTI is making strides in the running community and we are pleased to be the official Water Partner to the Nedbank Running Club. These athletes have a thirst for life, and a passion for health and wellness – and these are qualities that we value highly as a brand!