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Flavoured water is proof that water never needs to be boring. Life is full of bold flavours, and so is THIRSTI! Our iconic range of THIRSTI Flavours has our excellent THIRSTI Water bursting with a fresh new taste. These sparkling flavoured drinks will still sweeten up your day like nothing else can. Whether fresh litchi, zesty lemon, brilliant berry, delicious granadilla, vibrant pineapple or refreshing naartjie tickles your taste buds, there’s a THIRSTI Flavour for you.


Water Recipes

We think our flavoured water is great to have straight from the bottle! Anyone who has tried them will agree. THIRSTI Flavours are especially great for those on-the-go days where you need a sweet sip or two as you go about your business. That being said, THIRSTI Flavours can also be enjoyed when paired with a variety of exciting elements.

Our number one suggestion, for all ages, would be to pour your fave THIRSTI Flavour over lots of ice in a big glass. You can then add sprigs of mint and mixed berries to the mix. This is the absolute best thing during our hot South African days. You can thank us later!

If you are above the age of 18, why not try the zesty Lemon Flavour with some gin, or the brilliant Berry Flavour with a touch of vodka? We’ll let you decide which combo is best. Feel free to share your #THIRSTIFlavourFusions with us on Instagram. We’re THIRSTI to try it all!

Thirsti flavours

Sweet, but not too sweet

To create a drinking experience that will certainly sweeten any moment, THIRSTI Flavours is low in sugar with added sweeteners to ensure that you get that delicious, bold taste without us having to add any more sugar (or other additives) than absolutely necessary. You are welcome to view the Nutrional Tables for our THIRSTI Flavours here.

Be bold. Be fresh.

Be like THIRSTI Flavours!

Life is too short to be anything but bold. Let THIRSTI Flavours keep you thirst-free and fresh as you take on the world!

We answer your

Frequently asked questions

Is flavoured water healthy?

One of the main benefits of flavoured waters is that they have fewer added calories from sugar than from soft drinks. Our THIRSTI Flavours have 153 kilojoules per 250ml serving. It’s considered a healthier alternative to fizzy drinks. We think that they taste better too!

Is flavoured water just as good as water?

Our bodies need sufficient water each day to remain healthy. While some people love drinking plain water, for others it is boring and unappealing. THRISTI Flavours ensure that everyone can enjoy their much-needed H20! It’s better to drink flavoured water than none at all.

How much sugar is in flavoured water?

Our THIRSTI Flavours contain 10g of sugar per 250ml serving. This is much less than the average soft drink. Our THIRSTI Flavours have 153 kilojoules per 250ml serving. You are able to see the rest of the Nutritional information here.

What’s the difference between infused water and flavoured water?

Flavoured water refers to plain water that has had flavouring added to it to enhance the drinking experience. Sugar and sweeteners are often added too.

Infused water is plain water that has had fresh fruit and/or vegetables added to it. The fruit is then left to float in the water, or it is muddled (muddling helps release more of the flavour). It is often done at home and used for wellness, detox or dietary purposes. That’s why fruits rich in antioxidants like kiwi fruit, cranberry, grapefruit, blackberry, apple and watermelon are infused water favourites.