Comrades Marathon signs 3-year Partnership with THIRSTI

Runners will quench their thirst with Thirsti Water at this year’s 94th Comrades Marathon after the Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) announced the signing of a 3-year partnership with local bottled water company, Thirsti Water. The top spring water brand will feature as the exclusive Hydration Partner to the Comrades Marathon going forward.

Runners will be supplied with Thirsti Water at refreshment stations all along the 87km Comrades route, in addition to other traditional refreshments. Focused on delivering the highest quality water that Nature can provide, 2 million Thirsti water sachets will be made available for #Comrades2019.

With this deal just concluded, Thirsti and the CMA are committed to jointly working on a plan in the future years of this agreement to reduce the use of single use plastics (SUP’s) as part of the strategy to totally phase out plastic use by 2025.

Thirsti will be contributing tremendous logistical support to the Comrades Marathon in the form of warehousing and delivery of its sponsored water; and the subsequent direct distribution to the 43 Comrades refreshment stations.

Their comprehensive and efficient distribution of hydration throughout the 87km race is notable, thus enabling the CMA to ensure that all runners have adequate water available and that no station runs dry.

As part of Thirsti’s generous agreement, an extra 52,000 bottles of their spring water will be made available. Each finisher will receive a bottle of Thirsti spring water in their goodie bag and at the finish; as well as being utilised to hydrate the entire CMA volunteer core on race day.

CMA Chairperson, Cheryl Winn says, “As a proudly South African and KZN event, the Comrades Marathon Association is immensely proud to welcome Thirsti as our proudly South African and KZN official hydration partner. Thirsti is a company which has made enormous strides in the few short years they have been in existence, establishing a national footprint and already have injected a new level of excitement and passion into the planning and execution of our 2019 Comrades refreshment stations.”

Winn adds, “It is reassuring to know that by partnering with a company that shares our values, not only will our runners enjoy the benefits of pure spring water but we will lessen our impact on the environment and ultimately benefit our own local economy and communities.”

CMA General Manager, Keletso Totlhanyo says, “We are so excited about this new partnership. The Thirsti Water Company will be providing Thirsti water along this year’s Up Run route from Durban to Pietermaritzburg on Sunday, 9 June and ensure that all refreshment stations are well stocked. The Comrades brand stands for passion, perseverance and prestige; sentiments that we know the authentic KwaZulu-Natal brand, Thirsti Water, shares.”

Rob Hoatson, Founder and Director of KwaZulu-Natal based Thirsti Water, says Thirsti has made staggering inroads across South Africa in three short years. The brand has attracted a young, vibrant market who intrinsically bond with authentic brands connecting naturally to celebrate and join those who fearlessly pursue their passions and dreams.

Says Hoatson, “We are thrilled to be in partnership with the Comrades Marathon, an event of global repute that inspires thousands of people worldwide and embodies the spirit of camaraderie.”

Thirsti Water is already engaged in meaningful local sports sponsorships like The Sharks, the Duzi Canoe Marathon and the Maritzburg Marathon; as well as Maritzburg College.